Speaking Topics

Leslie helps audiences get gutsy for God, such as standing up for Christ in a scrutinized high school environment or in a stressful workplace.  She speaks frequently to youth groups, women’s ministries, church groups, civic organizations and at ladies retreats and youth camps nationwide.  Her messages are filled with humor, real-life issues, and practical applications from God’s Word.

For more information or to book Leslie for your event, email lnease@leslienease.com or call 704-617-3108.

Get Gutsy for God!

Sharing our faith and standing up for what we believe in can be a huge challenge in today’s world.  Exactly what is it that we are so afraid of?  How do we overcome these fears?  Leslie shares some experiences she had on Survivor China along with important, life-changing Truth from the word of God in this important and timely talk.  This message reveals how you can find:

  • Deepened confidence to share your faith with people who don’t share your beliefs.
  • Increased strength to exhibit integrity even when it’s not popular.
  • Enhanced ability to experience and enjoy God’s unconditional love.
  • Improved credibility to lovingly speak truth that others need to hear.
  • Stronger conviction to pursue a God-given dream, even when it seems impossible.

Get Real

This talk focuses on the reality of the one thing that holds us back from being everything that God created us to be – FEAR.  But what are we so afraid of?  Leslie will help you:

  • Boldly identify and confront the specific fears you are struggling with that keep you from stepping out in faith
  • Refute the lies that tell you that you are not good enough, strong enough or capable of fulfilling the call God has placed on your life
  • Deepen your confidence in God’s sovereignty in your life
  • Increase your ability to identity whether your goal is a good thing you are doing or if it is a God thing.

Get Focused

In today’s world, we are faced with many distractions that pull our attention and time away from the most important thing – focusing on our relationship with God.  Leslie will share life experiences and important life changing scriptures that, when applied, will:

  • Deepen your relationship with God as you learn to recognize the stealth distractions all around you that keep you from seeking His face
  • Enhance your capacity to experience the deep and abiding love of God on a daily basis
  • Provide you with the tools you need to strategically prioritize your life
  • Reveal the necessary changes you need to allow Christ to make in your life in order to focus on His will for your life.

My Journey into New Life (Drama)

Leslie shares her life story about how she came to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in a unique way by acting out her testimony in stages. Her life has many relatable twists and turns as she tells her journey of meeting Jesus at the age of ten, her rebellious teen years, a struggle with depression, obesity and resulting alcoholism, her reign as Mrs. North Carolina and finally – a broken thirty three year old woman who realized her relationship with God was non-existent until she surrendered her heart to Christ. This message will help you:

  • Express a firmer sense of assurance when sharing your faith with others.
  • Live your beliefs with a stronger sense of purpose and conviction.
  • Discover renewed freedom to live apart from the pressure to please other people.
  • Deepen your ability to relax in the assurance of God’s salvation.

Thriving – Not Just Surviving – In Your Walk with God

Why do some people seem to be victims of their past and their lives while others are victorious?This message gives you the tools you need to help you attain:

  • Heightened ability to sense God leading you in a specific direction.
  • Increased discernment to make relationship decisions using biblical wisdom.
  • Decreased sense of chaos by learning how to prioritize your day.
  • Greater insight to learn from the mistakes and pain in the past so you can experience victory in life instead of being a victim of life.

Godly Friendships

One of the most important things God gives us is each other.Unfortunately, gossip, judgmental attitudes, inability to forgive and unmet expectations tend to destroy our relationships – especially in the church.No wonder Jesus prayed so hard for our unity!  This message teaches how you can find:

  • Deeper capacity to make new friends without fear of being hurt.
  • Expanded capacity to cultivate relationships with non-believing friends.
  • Improved boundaries to protect yourself from unhealthy individuals.
  • Increased sensitivity to tell the truth in love, even when it might hurt.
  • Newfound boldness to conquer isolation and rejoin community with friends.

Standing through Suffering

We are reminded in God’s Word that suffering is a part of life and we are also shown how to stand in those storms that life brings.  Leslie brings you on a personal journey of a very difficult and painful time in her life where God showed her the beauty that comes from the ashes of suffering.  This message will help you:

  • Trust God even when it seems like He’s not there.
  • Renew hope so you can reject the lies that say your life is hopeless.
  • Discover a deeper sense of God’s faithfulness in the midst of personal loss or tragedy
  • Increase wisdom in relation to suffering so you are grounded and prepared when the difficult times come.

Mirror, Mirror – Who Am I?

Who am I and what am I here for?  Isn’t there more to life than this?  These questions come to everyone’s mind at some point.  Every Christian should hear this message!  Leslie will show you biblically and through her personal experiences how you can:

  • Increase your ability to refute the lies that tell you, “You’re not good enough“.
  • Discover the subtle activities and relationships that are leaving you feeling empty while learning to replace them with fulfilling, God-honoring ones.
  • Enhanced ability to feel God’s forgiveness and freedom from shame.

For more information on any of these messages, please email Leslie at lnease@leslienease.com

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